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Viale Alfonso Pinzon, 290-Bellaria - Igea Marina
+39 0541 332 454
October 2021

Bau Suite! The pet-friendly side of the Blu Suite Hotel

For those of us who have a four-legged friend, going on holiday is not as easy as it might be for others. We are always constrained to the idea that we do not want to leave it at home just because we do not find a hotel to accommodate our pet – and we often end up deciding not to go on vacation at all.

The Blu Suite Hotel does not endorse these drastic decisions. Why should you ever give up enjoying your free time with your best friend? Animals are just like people and that's why we have a whole set of pet-friendly services for our guests. So you don’t have to leave Fido home, nor you'll have to give up your much deserved holiday.

Since we are a pet-friendly hotel, we are also a people-friendly hotel. This means we are equipped to accommodate your four-legged friends only if they do not exceed 22 lbs. But it's really the only condition we make for your relaxing vacation with your pet. Once you’re here, you will have plenty of room and you'll be happy to see your puppy enjoy the stay at least as much as you do – together with you!

Our pet-friendly services for your four-legged friends:

  • Welcome gift: a bowl with biscuits and one with water
  • Pet-friendly rooms: special fluffy beds, ceramic floors and spacious and shaded balconies at least 30 ft wide. So, while you are relaxing at the spa or on the beach, you can leave your puppy in the room, but free to run in open air, sheltered from the sun and the rain.
  • Private pet-friendly beach: with umbrellas, mat, bowl of food and water supply, you will have a beach area specially designed for your four-legged friends.
  • Pet-friendly bicycles: a convenient basket to bring the puppy with you everywhere you ride
  • Outdoor pet-friendly restaurant area: you can dine by the pool or under a cool gazebo, and you can also use a convenient pet food service.
  • Dog Sitter: need some time just for yourself? Please go for it! We’ll take care of your four-legged friend while you’re relaxing.


Where are you going to find another pet-friendly hotel by the sea, with suites this big, top-notch services and lots of room for your pet? Not bad, uh?
Let’s shake on it! See you at the Blu Suite Hotel.


Blu Resort Beach & Spa
Viale Alfonso Pinzon, 290 - Bellaria - Igea Marina
VAT 04535120408
+39 0541 332 454
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