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October 2021

Alchemical oils: the fruit of the force of nature

Vegetable oils are obtained by cold squeezing the seeds or the pulp of the fruits of the oleaginous plants.

The seed from which the oil is squeezed can be considered the result of cosmic forces. We all recognize the Sun and Moon influences every day, as well as the effects of seasonal changes on nature. Indeed, the existence of life on Earth depends precisely on the interrelationship between our planet and other celestial bodies, especially those belonging to our solar system.


Plants: precious mediators between heaven and earth


Let’s now consider plants as a bridge between heaven and earth: the vegetal world can be seen as a point of contact between the darkness of the earth and the sunlight. The plants have their roots firmly anchored in the ground, from which they draw nutrients, while the aerial part and the flower move upwards, towards the light and the heat. They bring the earth a cosmic message.

In the deepest part of the flower, in that cup-shaped organ, which encloses the ovary, that’s where the seed develops: a metamorphosis that passes from vegetative to reproductive growth.

From materializing, constructive and expanding forces, which act during the spring, the flower moves to thickening forces, concentrating the essence of the plant. In particular, astral phases make the plant produce, through a sort of synthesis and distillation, a wide variety of scented substances. Among these, we also find some essential oils, with which the plant lives a moment of great expansion followed by a moment of maximum development and maturity.

Under the sun's beneficial effect, at the climax of summer, the flower becomes metamorphic, transforms, contracts and closes itself. The plant itself retreats into the seed through a genetic matrix.

In that withdrawal phase, oil is synthesized in the ovary of the flower, which represents a sort of compensation and solution to the extreme volatility and lightness of essences, fragrances, and pollen.

The Sun's fire force penetrates and warms the shape into being enclosed by the seed.

Whenever we use pure vegetable oils we can make a little effort and remember the Sun of Summer for this warm gift so much appreciated in our work and so valuable in treating our winter ailments.



The production of massage oils with the alchemical method


The process for obtaining a functional massage oil continues with the maceration of the officinal plant (hyperic, lavender, arnica, cinnamon) in pure extra virgin biodynamic olive oil. The maceration, which takes place in glass carboys exposed to the sun during the annual peak period (from Saint John's Day, June 24 to September 29, Saint Michael's Day and Autumn Equinox), allows natural distillation to capture the active ingredients of plants during the day, whereas overnight it condenses and concentrates them.

Then we finish the preparation, filtering and hand pressing the macerated oils.

Oils are blended with sweet almond oil to obtain more fluidity and facilitate their use for massages.


Blue Spa and the Ahura Alchemical Oil Collection


The Blue Spa philosophy is based on preciousness of nature and respecting its principles. We believe in bio-dynamic agriculture, phytotherapy and natural cosmetics, so we only use products made by brands that share our point of view on this. That's why Ahura is our top choice.

The Ahura Alchemical Oil Collection contains only fresh officinal herbs and pure essential oils that come from organic and biodynamic agriculture or from fair trade and which do not contain any additives or preservatives. The preparation process is carried out manually by female employees in full respect of work ethics. Production is limited to small batches in order to promote a conscious, attentive, respectful work of raw materials and employment of people.


Organic Argan Oil

Organic Argan Oil, imported from Morocco, is rich in vitamins A, E, F, linoleic acid, Omega-3, Omega-6 and essential fatty acids. It is preciously emollient and antioxidant; it regenerates, protects and brightens the skin giving it a bright natural tone. It is also great to deliver hydration and gloss to dry hair. Being a precious and very powerful oil, few drops are enough for the whole body it and can also be mixed with a vector oil such as coconut oil, which adds nourishment to the skin that is in need of extra care.

Organic Baobab Oil

Called the Tree of Life by the peoples of Benin and other lands where this plant grows, Baobab has always been a source of unique and irreplaceable livelihood. Organic Baobab Oil is rich in antioxidant, emollient, smoothing and elasticising properties. It is therefore a powerful remedy against skin aging, as well as an ideal solution to dermatitis and eczema.


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