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October 2021

Baby Massages: the sweetest way to pamper your baby

During their first months of life, babies usually feel disoriented, isolated and lost, as if they wanted to go back to their mother's womb to feel protected again. Life in mum's womb was infinitely rich - it was all about security, human warmth and serenity..
Then comes birth, as striking and traumatic as an unpredicted hurricane. How would we feel if our security, all of our certainties suddenly collapsed, and we were thrown into a world we have never seen before? In fact, we all have felt that way at least once in our life, since we all were born.


“Where am I?”


After the storm of birth, the child finds himself alone in his cradle, experiencing feelings in the outside world for the first time: the hunger – the waiting - the silence - the fear!

To give our newborns serenity and make them feel safe, we need to talk to them with all senses; they need to be lulled, caressed, supported, massaged.

Babies need milk, but more than that they need love. Besides feeding them, make sure you bring nourishment to their skin. It is extremely sensitive, so watch out for common disorders and diseases like erythema, and take good care of it.


The magic word is: gentleness


Baby massaging is an ancient and gentle art that is based on the simplicity and mindfulness of very precise and definite gestures and movements. In the first months of life it is essential to touch, to caress, to pamper the child; contact is important, but gentleness is paramount. Only then, the actual massage will take a more and more definite shape day after day.

So take the time for a loving cuddle with your little ones. Massage them with lukewarm oil, preferably in the morning and in the evening before sleep. Talk to them with your voice, but also with your eyes, with your hands and with all your being.

During this magical experience, the sweet scent of oil will create a pleasant mom-baby harmony. The massage may be followed by a warm bath that will complete the deep relaxation and release the skin from oily residues.


Learn from baby massages


As the Natural Spa philosophy teaches us, the baby massage is also good for parents as it stimulates them to develop observation and sensitivity and makes them more mindful when touching their baby.

The Natural Spa Mamy-Baby Cuddle is the best way to establish the right contact with your baby, right away, and help the newborn overcome the natural trauma of birth. By measuring yourself with this massage, you will learn to grab its huge healing potential and create an intimacy that will continue in the future.


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