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Blu Suite Hotel

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Отель Blu Suite

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Safe holidays with the highest standard of cleanliness


Welcome everybody! Are you dreaming of an extraordinary beach holiday here at the Blu Suite Hotel? I am pleased to personally introduce you to all the activities that i carry out to guarantee you a safe and pleasant holiday.

I am Katia and I have been known to put my heart and soul in the management of the Blu Suite Hotel. Hygiene and maximum cleanliness of the rooms have always been very important, today more than ever. For this reason, I am also working on training all hotel staff to offer you the best service.


Suites and Rooms

Before your arrival, we sanitize the room with an ozone generator, with Sanity System Medical Certificate. Ozone eliminates bacteria, mold, viruses and bad smell: when you enter your room, you will be enveloped in a feeling of extreme cleanliness.

To sanitize floors and surfaces we use alcohol-based detergents with medical supervision certification. We pay particular attention to the cleaning of remote controls (which will be supplied  in a sanitized container), buttons and handles of doors and windows, wardrobes and showers. All staff on the floors use protective devices in accordance with the law.


Common Areas

The Blu Suite Hotel has large and different common areas that comply the rules of social distancing. We clean all common areas several times during the day with alcohol-based detergents with medical device certification, paying particular attention to handles, buttons and support surfaces. Every night we intensify cleaning with the ozone generator that eliminates bacteria, mold and viruses.

In all environments you will find Amuchina dispenser to clean and sanitized hands. This year we have favored online check-in so as to avoid unnecessary waiting or queues on your arrival in the reception area.


The Blu Garden restaurant

We have reorganized the service of the Blu Garden restaurant. First, choose the course you want from the menu and they will be brought directly to the table. The buffet is served by waiters equipped with protective devices. All tables will be spaced according to the law, between the inner restaurant and the outside area near the swimming pool. It's also possible to have breakfast, lunch or  dinner in the room (all rooms have balconies of at least 12 square meters furnished with tables and chairs), at the beach or in the garden. We would like to point out that almost all Blu rooms and suites have independent kitchenettes. So you can choose a bed & breakfast holiday without sacrificing the hotel's luxury services such as the swimming pool and the private beach.


The Blu Family Beach

The private Blu Family Beach has always guaranteed ample space for every umbrella and maximum privacy. It has King Size sunbeds and umbrellas that guarantee

the private island effect. We will check the number of accesses to the beach for everyone's maximum comfort. At Blu Family Beach you have everything you need to enjoy your holiday completely outdoors, from morning to evening. You can bring your breakfast, enjoy an aperitif, have snack (piadina, slice of pizza, salad), with your feet in the sand.

Each family will have its own umbrella which will never change during the stay.


The heated outdoor swimming pool and the Blu Spa wellness center

All the pools of the Blu Suite Hotel, both indoor and outdoor, are treated with chlorine sanitization, just as required by law. In addition to the spa we have baths with high saline concentration which guarantees good water sanitation. We clean all the common areas of the pool and spa several times during the day with alcohol-based detergents with medical device certification, paying special attention to buttons, surfaces and common areas. Every night we intensify cleaning with the ozone generator that eliminates bacteria, mold and viruses.


All the beds of the swimming pool will be spaced and arranged both on the poolside and in the adjacent garden in order to guarantee ample space between families.


Entertainment for our little guests

As every year, Luisiana and her team will organize a lot of activities to entertain your children during the day, in order to give you the possibility to read a book at the beach or take your time to relax by the pool.

The different activities will be organized according to the different ages of the children. Kids will be divided into small groups and toys will be sanitized several times per day.

At the Lulù Restaurant children will be accomodated maintaining the right distances.


Thanks for your attention. Do not hesitate to contact me for any clarification, i will make myself available for any question.


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