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Blu Suite Hotel

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At Blu Suite Hotel, we pay particular attention to all things that help you feel fine: a comfortable room, our restaurant with healthy and tasty dishes, many tailor-made services for you and your family. Are we missing anything? Sure, our commitment to your wellness and relax. In effect, ours is the only hotel with spa in Rimini where you can indulge in ayurvedic massages and treatments, authentic beauty rituals of atavistic origins. Every day we do our best to offer you unforgettable moments, so that now you can take home a bit of this wellness, thanks to the classes of Blu Suite.


Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient practice of Chinese medicine, that our Blu Spa operators have recovered because of the great benefits it can offer to our guests. It is a treatment that, basing on heat, favours the oxygenation, the relaxation of tissues and the reactivation of the body energy. Fire cupping consists in placing some cups – as suggested by the name of the therapy – on the patient’s skin; a flame, to burn the oxygen inside and create a vacuum, has previously heated cups. In this way, you promote blood flow and circulation: the blood is drawn to the surface of the skin in specific parts of the body, where cups are placed. Then a chain reaction begins: the elimination of toxins from the body and the promotion of cell turnover, essential to maintain the physiological balance.

This is a real panacea for many problems referring trauma, stretching and contractures, thanks to the capacity to relieve muscular pain. For this reason, sportsmen and their trainers should learn the techniques of cupping therapy. This treatment is also indicated to treat water retention and accumulation of fat, because of its potent draining action.


Pinda Sweda

Pinda Sweda massage owes its origin to ayurvedic philosophy, which we strongly cultivate in Blu Spa. In this treatment, we use small bags filled with healing herbs and spices: the therapist places them on patient’s body as warm pads, so that the thermal benefits combine with phytotherapy. A double action to reach an experience of total wellbeing. Pinda Sweda massage, which you can try in our spa, favours the blood circulation, reducing muscle stiffness and feeling of heaviness. The heat, a key element in this treatment, causes exudation with the subsequent elimination of toxins from the tissues. A real purification theraphy, which supports the flow of vital energy and gives new strength to the whole person.


How-tos of wellness

Cupping theraphy and Pinda Sweda massage are two experiences you cannot miss to care about yourself in the most pleasant way. Where? The first time at Blu Spa, where our operators are already waiting for you. Later, we strongly suggest you to attend the wellness classes of Blu Suite Hotel, to replicate the theraphic techniques, and their benefits, at home. Cupping is exactly the focus of the first training event, starting at the end of April. Two days where theoretical explanations mix with practical exercises, under the guidance of Fulvio Gemelli and Donatella Bordogna, ayurvedic teachers, and our operators at Blu Spa Elena and Michela.

Are you not an expert in wellness or in Ayurveda? No problem: our classes are designed to give all information you need, also when you are a complete beginner in the field. 

And between a practical exercise and a theoretical explanation? Enjoy a coffee or a relaxing happy hour in the meeting room, and, at the end of the day, an entrance in the Blu Spa. It is free for all partecipants in wellness classes.