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At Blu we take after of our guests – and of ourselves – in every aspect: food, wellness at the spa, comfortable and cozy rooms, many services for the whole family. From this year on, we also pay careful attention to your psychophysical condition: we introduce yoga classes.

From June 20 to mid-September, twice a week, Anna Falcinelli, our expert on yoga and meditation will start morning classes on the beach. To reconnect with your deep being, also away from home, because our spirit is never on holiday.

The words of Anna, yoga teacher

A few people realize that Yoga is not only a great method to keep our body healthy and fit.
The Yoga is, first of all, a LIFE INSTRUMENT .

Through the Asanas we practice with our body, through the spiritual path towards the awareness of our Breath and the way to control our Energy, we train facing the Life with New Eyes
It is not an easy way.
It is not a pleasure to find out our Limitations, but, at the same time, it allows us to be aware of unexpected Possibilities.
Discover new Possibilities feeds the Hope of a possible Change.

Effect Change, also a little one, let us enter wide Spaces we were not aware of, but there is a precise moment when a real Magic takes place.
And just when we manage to leave all Certainty behind, we understand the meaning of the word Resilience.
Suddenly, we realize that reaching the Relaxation in the phase of greatest effort is the Entrance Door to that Magic and the key to open it is the Breath.

To go along the way towards a greatest Self Freedom, we need to find out every single secret of the Body-machine, of the Breath-instrument, of the Mind-weapon.
Through the Yoga practice, we investigate deep the capacities of our Body, we train our Breath and we teach our Mind to walk along new Routes.

anna falcinelli yoga

If anyone wish to change his Life, broaden his view of the world and of himself, learn to control a fundamental instrument of his Being, he should go through the Way of Yoga, at least once.
The first step is the hardest, but it is definitely the most important.

And let us always remember that…” The Door is the longest part of the Journey.”