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A real family hotel has to offer much more than family rooms, services and entertainers. For example, it should offer you a real restaurant menu for your kids. We take care of their nutrition just like you, when you are at home.

Blu Vita Kids Program 

From 2018 on, we have added a new piece to our family services, which makes us particularly proud. I’m talking about the Blu Vita Kids Program. Side by side with the Blu Vita Nutrition Program for adults, our professional nutritionist (she is also a mum!) have crafted a nutritional program for your kids as well.

Doctor Barbara Bertini has put down a very useful vademecum that you can even follow when you go back home.

But while you are here, we can take care of everything, offering your kids special dishes that are both healthy and yummy. If you can’t believe it, try the Blu Restaurant!

Food is energy 

The right nutrition is essential for a kid to become a healthy adult. Even, in Italy a kid out of four has a weight problem. This can create lots of problems and illness along the growth process. Where does these bad habits come from?

Doctor Bertini explains that parents always worry their kids do not eat enough, they never worry they eat too much. This is a big mistake: food is energy and if we give the body more calories than needed without respecting the energetic balance, they will become fat.

Kids are like sponges: the absorb everything we give them from outside, good and bad habits. Often we make them eat whatever they want, just because we want to be sure they eat. But we have to be an example for them and teach them to appreciate healthy food.

Food Education 

Get your time and be patient. I know it is difficult today, while your are dragged away by the stressful rhythms of daily life. Anyway, try it!

Start with a good breakfast and have a good lunch all together, talking to each other without TV and tablets. Give the kids healthy snacks, offering them the chance to have fun outdoor. Bring them to play football in the park, cycling, have a good walk. Let’s go back to simple and good habits. Let’s discover again the authentic, simple and good food.

We can be sure they will never say “no” to a good slice of bread with fresh tomato and olive oil!

If you want to discover more about this, have a look at Doctor Barbara Bertini Blu Vita Kids Vademecum.