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Pregnancy is a special moment, so private and unforgettable in the mommy-to-be life. A great change, for sure. And each change goes together with high levels of excitement, new emotions and true happiness! You can’t wait to snuggle your new born, right?


The performance anxiety

On the other hand, pregnancy represents an upheaval of your balance and your points of reference; this is where fears, anxieties, expectations arise.

Will I be a good mother? Will my baby be exactly as I imagined him - or her? Every woman with child has faced such questions: it’s normal to feel this way.

Also physically – and especially! – you have to go through little and big changes to make some room for a new life, growing inside you more and more each day.

It can happens, therefore, that your body has difficulties in adapting to this different situation: swelling, feeling sick, joint pain are the most frequent of problems between mommies-to-be.


How a prenatal massage can help you

During the complex months of pregnancy, do not give up on a cuddle both for you and for your baby. Give yourself a massage.

You will achieve many benefits physically, mentally and spiritually: a wave of extreme well-being spread all around you – including the creature living in your womb.

It is essential to call in experienced professionals, as all massage therapists in our Spa, who will give you and your baby a very pleasant experience.

The massage during pregnancy may:

  • Reduce anxiety and back and legs pain
  • Reduce feeling of swelling
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve mood and lower stress levels (noradrenaline and cortisol)
  • Increase the capacity of the immune system


The pregnant-friendly massage oils

You are in a particular condition: it is necessary to pay a lot of attention in massaging you. First of all, delicacy: the massage therapist will not touch you too deep and the treatment is unsafe in the case of possible premature childbirth or of placental abruption.

Besides the physical contact, delicacy refers also to substances used during the massage: the essential oils of rosemary, ginger and lemon are contraindicated during pregnancy.

In our Spa we often use sesame oil – excellent source of vitamins – and grape seed oil – rich in polyphenol content. What we definitely prefer, however, is coconut oil, because of its elasticising properties:  during pregnancy it prevents stretch marks and improves blood circulation. Moreover, it has a refreshing effect and, thanks to its enjoyable smell, it does not cause nausea – a frequent problem during these months. Coconut oil is precious also for the new mom: on your nipple, it combats rhagades and calms the baby, who associates this smell with the prenatal massage experience.


Blu Suite, however, does not take care of the mom and her new born only: it pays special attention to the diet of babies as they grow. For 2018, in fact, the Blu Vita Baby program is planned: a food project for young children. Numerous suggestions of tasty and genuine dishes, by the nutritionist Dott.ssa Barbara Bertini.