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Most of people think at the massage as a relaxing or beauty practice, when choosing a drainage, anti-aging or purifying treatment. Or simply as a pleasant hobby. But it is not only this: the benefits of a massage go more beyond.

At Blu Suite Hotel we link every aspect of your experience at Blu Vita philosophy: any daily action can contribute to a better way of life. Blu Spa, obviously, couldn’t be an ordinary wellness center. Here, we care about wellness, it is right, ma in a holistic view to produce improvements in your body, mind, health.


Ayurvedic Spa


The Blu Spa is specialized in ayurvedic treatments, ancient therapies both for the body and soul.

Ayurveda is a system of healing originated in India over five thousand years ago. The term “ayurveda” means “science of life”, so we decided to practice it with extreme attention to the advantage of our guests.

In this way we can help you to learn, control and contain illness from your body and to recover your spirit. For our ayurvedic operators - Elena, Michela and Claudia – the massage is a healing practice, not just a pleasant pamper to whom receiving it.


Healing for body, balm for soul


Even though it is often underestimated, physical contact represents itself a healing element because it creates a connection, developing a sort of empathy between two people. These conditions occur only when the contact is consenting.

During a massage, therefore, you can heal the soul through the care of body: the touch caresses the whole past experience of a person, its pains and invisible scars, together with its joys. Traumatic experiences often turn into rigidity in the muscles, that can be soothe through the right touch and the healing skill of professionals. The therapist, listening to the body language of his patient, will heal its pains and physical wounds, soothing the spiritual ones.

During the massage, you stimulate also the psychosomatic side of a person, acting on the flow of energy: according to the ayurvedic philosophy, healing the body you recover also mind and soul. In Blu Spa, guests often feel better also spiritually, lightened by anxiety and negative thoughts.

It is important to take into consideration also the emotional contribute of the therapist, who should practice the healing touch in an open disposition to the silent dialog with the whole person in front of him. The one massaging with the aim to soothe physical and spiritual pain, should do it with a strong act of love. Through an energetic touch, full of affection and emotions to share, the positiveness flows from the operator’s hands to the patient’s body, producing great improvements also in case of serious diseases.