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Our children are growing up in a quickly changing society, technology runs and involves every aspect of their lives in an indissoluble way. So, the raining afternoons are spent in front of the television, your son learns first to click on the pc icons than to hold a pencil, the wait of the meal at the restaurant is occupied by the mother's smartphone.

Our children grow and mature in the conception that games are videogames or apps installed on the relatives’ mobile phones. Nothing more wrong and harmful, especially in the phase of greater development of their cognitive abilities.


The games of past times


At Blu Suite Hotel we like to come back a bit children, the children we used to be, not today’s. Because we really loved those games and now we feel a yearning nostalgia for the toys and hobbies of our childhood.

Summer or winter, with a bright sun or pouring rain, we always found a thousand ways to spend our free time, and those hours really flew ... It was physical and mental exercises together, the use of hands, arms, feet was fundamental. And so liberating! Try to observe your children running in a meadow or playing with the ball, don’t they look really happy?

The games of the past, many years before IPad and videogames, stimulated the imagination and reason together: counting up to 20 and looking for hidden friends, jumping accurately in the spaces of the "bell", thinking of all the existing colors in "Witch commands color" ... It was always about activities that involved head and body, and how we enjoyed!


Let's go back to look forward


We take advantage of the cold winter to take refuge in the warmth of our homes and our family: we take back the old board games, funny for us as they will become for our children, if we teach them how to play.

Let's snuggle up in front of the fireplace or under a warm blanket on the sofa, remember the unique magic of timeless fairy tales, those by the Grimm brothers, but also by the Italian Collodi and Rodari. In sunny afternoons in the park, let's rediscover with our children how many incredible twists can make a wooden top, how much fun is the ups and downs of the yo-yo, how you can jump up with the rope. And let's remember the importance of dexterity and physicality: shaping a snowman gives an indescribable euphoria, despite the red cheeks and the icy palms under the gloves. If your children are lively - and daring – get back the sledding of your childhood and fly again on the white slopes with them ... they will have a lot of fun! During winter holidays, between Christmas and the Epiphany, let’s stay as much as possible with the whole family and occupy the long days with card games, chess and the traditional bingo: fun for all ages, to be passed down generation by generation to guarantee a healthy growth.