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Rimini Wellness Center - Emilia Romagna Wellness Center

Blu Suite Hotel

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Ayurvedic pampering

The Blu Suite Hotel is the only hotel with spa in Rimini offering Ayurvedic massage and treatments, exclusive wellness and beauty rituals that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. Our ayurvedic operators at Blu Suite Spa Hotel Rimini for years will help you find the wellness program and treatments that best fits your needs. They use BioThai and Ahura certified biological products

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Some of our massages and treatments

Ayurveda Abhyangan Massage

50 minutes: € 75,00
90 minutes: € 89,00

Get rid of physical and mental fatigue with this massage based on hot medicinal oils and essential oils

Ayurvedic Bio drainage

50 minutes: € 75,00

Improve your circulatory lymphatic system, tone your muscles and re-balance your energy system

Postural Massage

50 minutes: € 75,00
90 minutes: € 89,00

Become aware of your blockages and physical tension, alleviate your muscular-arterial complaints and find your natural posture

Peeling with aromatic Himalayan pink salt

40 minutes: € 55,00

Regenerate your skin, regulate your hydration balance, drain excess fluids and eliminate any toxins and impurities

Blu Relax

50 minutes: € 65,00

Cancel out all stress and surrender yourself to expert hands who will guide you in a gentle way to a state of complete relaxation. A massage with hot grapeseed oil and individual essential oils

Our wellness treatments

Purifying Ayurveda treatment (Kerala method)

€ 135,00 per person

Rediscover the balance of body and mind with a massage of hot organic black sesame Bio Thai oil and essential oils chosen just for you, following the ancient Ayurvedic tradition.

  • 1 Abhyanga massage 50’
  • 1 Abhyanga with Jasmine rice powder 50’ or 1 Pindasveda 50’ (ayurvedic massage with bundles of warm herbs)
  • Access to Blu Spa and spa kit

Natural relax treatment

€ 105,00 per person

Make contact with nature and with yourself, to rejuvenate, nourish and tone your skin and rediscover calmness and wellness.

  • 1 holistic relaxing massage 50’
  • 1 Himalayan body oil scrub 30’, a complete holistic treatment which detoxes, drains, smooths and nourishes the skin
  • Access to Blu Spa and spa kit

Relaxation massage or postural balancing

€ 139,00 per person

To “lengthen” and “straighten out” your muscles, loosen any lumbar, cervical and sciatic tension.

  • 1 Massage for 50′ “Physioveda”
  • 1 Massage for 50′ Postural
  • Access to Blu Spa and spa kit

Esthetic beauty treatment

€ 99,00 per person

A treatment dedicated to your beauty, inside and out, using cosmetic products that capture the energy and power of nature.

  • Spa Manicure or Pedicure with organic products
  • Esthetic facial (including steam) with 100% organic products or Ayurvedic facial (without steam)
  • Access to Blu Spa and spa kit

Slim tonic drenn garshan path

€ 269,00 per person

A path which helps making slimmer, it is also against cellulite, swellings and liquids retention, a focused and personalised programme against localized adiposis, relaxed cutaneous tissue and capillary fragility.

  • 1 Ayurvedic Bio-draining 50’
  • 3 Garshan: drainage treatment and detox, 50’ each
  • Access to Blu Spa and spa kit

Drainage path – with Thai powders

€ 319,00 per person

Drainage of excess liquids, eliminate toxins, reduce swelling and purify the whole organism. 

  • 2 anti-cellulite bio-postural massages with oil
  • 3 treatments with Thai powders 
  • Access to Blu Spa and spa kit

Manager no stress “HUKKA” Ayurvedic stone treatment

€ 149,00 per person

If you’re looking for a way to end stress, insomnia, fatigue, bad moods and pains, try this massage which is uniquely composed of hot stones and medicated oil to improve circulation.

  • 1 Hukka Ayurvedic Stone Treatment for 60’
  • 1 relax massage for 50’ 
  • Entrance to Blu Spa and spa kit

10% special discount on massages

For all guests

As a guest of the hotel you can pre-book your massage and take advantage of a special 10% discount.

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