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Since it is spring we decided to give you some information on what you will find here in Rimini: It has changed a lot in the last few years! Then when we will personally meet, here at the Blu Suite, we will also be able to go into detail, get to know each other, understand your needs accurately  , and so,  you will be guided in the best way. For now, let us be in touch (or remain) in contact through the blog.
Rimini is the Italian province historically more linked to the imagination of holidays. But the best side of Romagna must be checked out  in person: all that is said of the province of Rimini is true! Especially the best things. Romagna hospitality,  quality of life and the  food are not to be  found anywhere else.
But Rimini is not only made up of imagination and hospitality. We also have a deeply rooted historical heritage, always present. That's why we want to focus on the "Rimini to live" for those who come on holiday at the Blu Suite Hotel in Bellaria Igea Marina. There are so many magical places around here that we will surely forget something. But when you're here we'll tell you everything!

Let's start with the Tiberius Bridge: its construction dates back to the age of Augustus, in 14 AD, and is still today depicted in the municipal coat of arms of the city. It is a true piece of history. And in its vicinity, indeed, right around its invaded, there is the magnificent Piazza sull'Acqua, the final part of the XXV Aprile Park. This is a truly characteristic area of ​​Rimini - also due to the presence of the fishing village, Borgo San Giuliano. Seeing is believing.

Then we suggest you visit the Galli Theater, reopened in October 2018. It was bombed during the Second World War, in 1943, and it took a long time to restore all its splendor. But today it is back more brilliant than ever. It was inaugurated - at the time - by Giuseppe Verdi, with a specially  customized composition. Rimini has welcomed its reopening with great enthusiasm, making the city a true head of culture, both in terms of historical importance and of tickets sold. And immediately behind the theater opens Castel Sismondo, which allows the Roman Rimini to come into contact with the Renaissance.

Staying in the area, how can we forget the Fulgor Cinema, also very recently restored. It has a particular program: it shows both world and national innovations and films that have made history - the latter, in the case of specific events. It is located in the city center, and it is the place where Federico Fellini saw his first film, as a matter of fact , it is the place where the greatest director of history fell in love with cinema! It gives you the chills just thinking about it. And more than restoration, in this case, it is more correct to speak of aesthetic reconstruction: the Fulgor cinema, in fact, is enclosed within a liberty building and presents all the signs of Fellini's poetry.
But this is just a taste of what you will find in Rimini. Do not hesitate to find out. If we have you a little excited curiosity, know that we can't wait to meet you! We look forward to seeing you at the Blu Suite.
See you soon,
Katia and all the staff of the Blu Suite Hotel