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Blu Suite Hotel

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When you have to decide where to go on holiday, you have to take on account lots of elements, especially if you are travelling with kids. The perfect choice is a place where they can have fun and parents can relax. It’s not easy at all, we know… that’s why here at Blu Suite we offer you lots of services included in the stay, both for kids and adults.

Just a dream? Not at all: come and see our family hotel right next to Rimini.

Our secrets for a perfect holiday

Our staff thinks relaxation is something families really deserve. Mums too! In fact, often it comes out that even on holiday we mums never manage to really relax, because we have to take care of kids and husband. It’s something we do with love, I know, but it’s work, anyway!

That’s where our philosophy comes from: make parents relax while we make kids have fun.

Do you want to know what our secrets for a perfect vacation are?

  1. The hotels you choose has to really love your kids. That has to be the mission of the staff. Kids and children should not be treated like “problems” or inconveniences. The staff should be happy to see them happy. Here at Blu Suite, the owner Katia, the baby sitters, entertainers: we all enjoy to see them smile!
  2. Playing grounds: they should be wide, equipped and above all, safe. In this family hotel your kids have 4 playing areas, indoor and outdoor, near the pool and the beach.
  3. Perfect rooms, where children can relax while you read them a book or they do their homework. Our rooms and suites are spacious, airy, with a beautiful sea view and a kitchenette. So you will enjoy every single moment of the day.
  4. A restaurant baby menu to suit their needs. Just like the Blu Restaurant, that offers you high quality dishes realized by a nutritionist. You can sit at the table and relax: our recipes are healthy, delicious and can suit every kind of intolerance or diet.
  5. Everything at your disposal: every time you leave for a trip, you forget something important. Do not worry. Here you can find everything you need for your kids, for free: strollers, baby cots, bath tubs, changing tables, bottle warmers, sterilizers, high chairs, potties and night basins.
  6. A private beach, clean and safe, so mums can take some sun tan while keeping an eye on the babies that can run and play as they want. Blu Suite offers you all this, included entertainers and playing areas along the shore.
  7. Pools: if you are tired of sand and sea, go and stay in the pools. We have two, one right for them (0.60 cm high), always warm. So you do not risk them to get ill during the vacation.
  8. A good group of entertainers for kids of all ages. At Blu Suite you have at your disposal a free service of 4 entertainers that during August organize lots of games and activities 10 hours a day. So they have fun and you can take time to relax without feeling guilty.

Ok, we have also a magic ingredient: a mum just like you that organizes a personalized holiday, understands all your needs and is able to even hasten them!

Our entertainers

Blu hotel put kids and children at the first place, that’s why entertainment is one of the family service we care most. The guys that work for us are not simple entertainers: they are professionals, friends and teachers. You can trust them for real: they take care of kids from 3 to 12 years, and they organize lots of intelligent activities specific for every age.

Moreover, we have Malù and Lulù, the cute mascots of the Blu Suite. Every kid loves them!

What are the main characteristics of a good entertainer? You can find them in all our guys: they are funny, full of energy, helpful and caring. They know if a kid suffers problems or preoccupations and knows perfectly how to help him. But most of all, good entertainers have to keep alive their “peter pan side”, their ability to keep on daydreaming and have fun like a kid.

If you go deep inside their eyes, we bet you will be able to see Neverland