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Blu Suite Hotel

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Everything at Blu Suite comes from heart, tailored to your family needs, with a special attention to the puppies. How could our food be different?  

According to the Blu Vita Program, we follow the same principles in the sweetest side of the Blu Restaurant kitchen: bakery.

Every cake of your breakfast is nourishing, healthy, but especially yummy.

Nice to meet you, Samantha 

Samantha, our expert pastry chef and happy mom, took her childhood - spent with the grandmother in the kitchen - and the traditional recipes of Romagna in our Blu Restaurant. Passion and love for good things, in a wide variety of flavors, colors and preparations: these are the guidelines for her sweet creations.

The eye also must be fed: look at the cakes’ buffet at dinner and lunch time, do not you note the precision and the particular female touch?

Every morning Samantha appears in the kitchen with a huge smile on her face and the desire for amazing adults and kids. Including the staff of Blu, which cannot do without her pastries…

In addition to the desserts waiting for you every day at lunch and dinner time, from our bakery the whole breakfast buffet comes out – a real feast for eye and palate

Sweet awakening

Samantha does her best in the morning, baking the wide banquet welcoming you at breakfast time at Blu.  There, every palate will find the delicacies it is dreaming about, together with many healthy and tasteful options. According to the Blu Vita philosophy, indeed, we propose whole, vegan and organic recipes, without forgoing taste.

Try our desserts: they are so creamy and soft that you cannot stop eating them…however, they are vegan! Impossible to guess, right? We do not use the animal cream anymore, we prefer the one obtained from plants because it is less fatty, easy to digest, healthier. And flavor is really good!

At breakfast time you could enjoy high quality croissants, made with chosen ingredients and alternative wheats – kamut, hemp, spelt – some also for vegans and lactose-intolerants. 

For a sweet awakening we bake, every day, cakes, biscuits, muffins, carrot and apple cakes, the typical ciambella of Romagna…a true joy for gluttons, with a particular attention to health.

Every morning, in the vegan corner, you can find a wide offer with tempting products also if you are not on a lactose-free diet: pastries and cookies with sunflower oil, cocoa butter, margarine, nuts, whole wheats or rice, coconut wheats, the tasty almond, coconut and oat milks...

At the first bite, you will realize the tour cakes are different from those you usually eat: the secret is the jam, homemade by a chef, friend of ours. As the preparation, the ingredients too are chosen with care: she goes herself gathering strawberries and blackberries into the woods and some expert farmers take her the ripe seasonal fruit.

No matter the food you love at home, you will find many sweet options for you at Blu.

Without forgoing taste, said by Samantha.