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There is a category of mothers in which sooner or later we all find ourselves: "La Mamma ansiosa".

The anxious mother is a specimen with a thousand facets that finds its maximum expression when it comes to ORGANIZING HOLIDAY. And from this case,  no one escapes: mothers with only one child, "with whom he is going to play with?", Mothers with two or more children "how do I manage them all?", Single mothers "how do I do it alone?" And mothers in pairs "will I  manage to carve out a few moments of intimacy with my husband?" And above all the mothers with baby children: "Oh God, and now how much stuff should I carry with me"? But also the mothers of older children: "And if he gets  bored without your games? What am I going to do? "

And then of course the great classic, the anxiety common to all mothers: "What if he gets sick?" Because we all know it, children have an incredible and inexplicable talent to fall ill in the less opportune moments ... Not that there are opportune moments, but in short ... you know when your child begins to look blank with fever on Friday, when you finally succeeded to organize the weekend out of town? Or when he vomits in the exorcist style the night before leaving for the holidays? Here, I'm sure yes.

In any case, calm and cool. With a bit of organization and choosing the right hotel, even the most anxious mother can enjoy the holiday. Because we know that managing children is not always easy, but there are places where it becomes easier. Where not only "make you feel at home", but where you feel better than at home.

It is what as  Blue Suite Hotel Manager  in Rimini I always promise to our host families: to offer a safe environment and a caring staff that makes the whole family feel good and also leaves parents free to enjoy their holiday.
In so many years of work in this hotel I have heard and seen so many cases, this has allowed me to design and create a series of services able to respond to the most common and widespread "mothers' anxieties on holiday" ... and make everyone relax , adults and children!


We always hope not, but it can happen. This is why on the first page of our telephone directory there are numbers of 3 pediatricians, all very good, available and tested directly by the mothers who work at the hotel. Ready to come home to check and cure, fevers and viruses. And if, by doing so, the problem is more serious, the pediatric hospital is 20 minutes away by car.



Don't worry about this: if there were Michelin stars in children's kitchens, the Blu Suite Hotel would surely have earned 3 teaspoons! The baby food and broths are prepared fresh and with natural ingredients (no homogenized in a box!), While the older ones  will be enticed by the simple and tasty recipes of our chef Paola, who she is not only our chef, but also mom, naturopath and food consultant.
In our Blu Garden restaurant we give a lot of space to fruit and vegetables at km 0, grains, ancient cereals, slightly refined flours. Furthermore we are very attentive to all food allergies, here gluten-free and lactose-free products are the norm, not the exception. And always to follow the same philosophy of eating healthy, let's say no to sugars and industrial snacks ...

We also have rooms with kitchenettes, so you can heat and prepare something at any time.

From June to September, children aged 4 and over can then eat together with the animators, while you relax and finally enjoy a complete meal without interruption!


Let's face it, when we think of the beaches of Rimini we immediately come to mind the endless expanses of umbrellas attached to each other, so many people and lots of unfenced space. That is the ideal scenario to lose sight of a child. Now reset everything: the Blu Hotel beach is not like that! It is a private beach, not accessible to those who are not guests of the hotel. The umbrellas are far away On the beach and there is a play area with the animators who keep everyone under control! And you can have a drink at the beach bar.


Let's face it, this is the typical fear of us Italian mum. But we see that we have our good reasons :) For this our pool is always heated, even in August, so the little ones can enter and exit without temperature fluctuations. And let's face it, we moms like to immerse ourselves in a pleasantly warm pool


This is a particularly widespread anxiety among mothers of older children, who are used to having a busy day. At the Blu Suite Hotel they will have fun with the animation. Children are divided into two groups: from 3 to 6 years and from 7 to 12, in order to propose suitable activities. The animators, all qualified and experienced, offer games and manual activities to stimulate creativity. Also for lunch and dinner they can eat in the private room together with the nannies. The animation is active from 10 am to 10 pm and there is also a playroom indoors in case of  bad weather.

Among the activities most appreciated by parents there are also excursions to the educational farm to pick fruit, herbs or go for a walk with the ponies.

From this year two collaborations started: with a marine biologist who leads snorkeling sections with the largest and with the "Guardiamondo" association that carry out recycling projects


What most like mothers of children who are guests at the Blu Suite Hotel is to have everything available, without having to carry all the "home paraphernalia": cribs, strollers, potties, bottle warmers, side rails, baby changing tables ... to the Blue Suite there is everything and it's all free! You can free up space in your suitcases and bring some extra clothes for an evening out while the little ones are with our trusted baby-sitters ...


This is certainly not an anxiety, but a common concern, for our part I can say that we do our best to make the whole family feel good: while the children are with animation, mum and dad can dine quietly by the pool or in the spa to enjoy a nice massage or a remise-en-form ...
We deserve it after a long winter, don't we?

Katia Foschi, director of the Blu Suite Hotel