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Blu Suite Hotel

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Finally, it is your turn, mom, to have a holiday! You have been dreaming about it so much, after a hard year of work and you deserve it! You are a parent, so you have a full time job, seven days a week. Wonderful, of course, but also exhausting. To recharge your batteries, come to Blu: we care about your kids. Our entertainment activities keep the little ones so busy that they almost forget the way back to the room…sometimes it happens! For you, mom, very long hours to spoil you with a massage at the spa or a swim in the pool…Doesn’t it sound good?

As we love to think, happy kids means relaxed mothers.


FP Animazione at Blu                     

Leave it to us and relax, at the end: you are on holiday and we want you to enjoy your time with any thought but total relax. Take your child to our entertainers, real wizards of fun. Yes wizards, because the entertainment of Blu is organized by FP animazione, an agency chosen with attention for the great experience in the world of fun for children. We want to give a touch of magic to all the aspects of your holiday…but, dealing with the little ones, the spell has to be total. A spell that, starting from Easter vacation, will involve the whole Blu until May 1, turning it into a fairy world. Your children will feel like attending the Hogwarts School: they will meet wizards, imps, fairies and magical creatures. Obviously, Harry Potter will be a regular guest at the Magic Blu, decked out in his honour.


At Blu we rediscover the value of games in ancient times, something made of the same material of dreams. Running in the open air, on the beach or joking into the sea, feeling the relationship with other children as growth, falling asleep at night with a big smile on the tanned face. The charm of giant bubbles, the magic shows, trucca bimbi: all is possible at Blu, to live a fairy Easter vacation, for you and your little ones. Forget tablet, computer, and videogames: we do not like activities on your own, but those aiming to involve the whole group, to interact and socialize. We believe that the alchemy of playmates is pretty similar to magic… Children that have never met before, fascinated by the same ball in volleyball match or the towel in Capture the flag, they do not seem to be under the same spell? We like to think so. Then, no videogames, but welcome to team sports, open air activities and all favourite hobbies by once children, when childhood retained such precious authenticity. The same one that Peter Pan refuses to lose, growing up. At Blu we do all our best to preserve that dimension.


Keep playing every day 

But game is not a guy thing, actually. All around us, experiences we make, people we meet, all stimulates a variety of vital sensations. We are social animals, created to interact with the entire world around us. And, what better way to do it? The game. In effect, while playing you rediscover the alchemy of the connection with the universe, retaining the magical element behind everything. Life is magic: the right way to play and the relationship with the others is fundamental. A child who really plays, will become a man with a little bit of magic in his heart for life. At Blu your sons appreciate the real fun in the open air, together with their peers, and they detox from tablet and video games.