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Blu Suite Hotel

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Windsurf, SUP and Sailing: at Blu Suite Hotel this year your kids will have the chance to learn lots of water sports.

From June 10 till September 10, the Sailing Club located 200 meters from the hotel organizes single or little groups lessons for kids from 9 years on to learn windsurf, SUP (Stand Up Paddling) and sailing.

For just 10 -15 € a lesson, they will enjoy a great open-air time and you won’t even need to buy equipment, because the club will provide it for free.

Francesco, Roberto and the other teachers will show the kids how to sail and they will inspire them with their great love and passion for the sea.

Every day they will learn something new!

  • Wednesday - Windsurf:

Beginner or advanced level courses held by Francesco, an expert surfer. One of those who in winter migrate where there are big waves all year round and in summer returns to Italy. Francesco is able of doing miracles: after only 5 hours with him, your children will be able to go windsurfing without any help.

WHAT THE INSTRUCTOR SAYS: "Hi! My name is Francesco Bianchini and I am the Windsurf Instructor, Italian Sailing Federation, of the Rio Pircio Club in Igea Marina. My passion for windsurfing started in 2000 when I joined the first course in Rimini. From that moment on, I have kept on windsurfing. You will discover the magic of this fantastic sport... it will be like having the wind in your hands!"

  • Tuesday and Friday morning - SUP:

Roberto will teach the kids how to sail on a board with a paddle right like Hawaiians do!

WHAT THE INSTRUCTOR SAYS: “I started practicing SUP because I am really passionate about water sports, like sailing and windsurf. I just wanted to find a way to navigate even when there is not wind at all and SUP was the perfect choice!”

  • Every day – sailing school: Experts and sailors hold 3-5 lessons courses to teach the boat’s ABC. After only a week, your children will know every secrets of a boat, and if want to do the same, just arrange a father-children lesson or one for the whole family.

WHAT THE INSTRUCTORS SAY: "Go sailing is a not to be missed experience. Sailing consolidates relationships, makes you more disciplined and increases love for nature. Everyone should try it once in a lifetime." 


This year in Bellaria, you will discover that the sea is not only beautiful and relaxing but it can also become the best life teacher ever for your kids!