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Blu Suite Hotel

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The colors of your energy

Food is the primary medicine that we can draw on, the vital breath of every creature.

Which is why the Blu Vita Project came about: an exclusive food programme designed with the health food chef Paola di Giambattista, based on tasty, yet wholesome, organic food which will supply you and your children with the right daily intake of every active principle. By following the Blu Vita Project, the cuisine of the new Blu Garden concept restaurant is healthy, lively and colourful, and it respects traditions by drawing on various inspirations. The local area and local food are the stage of the Blu Garden, where the vegetable garden and the garden become the essential elements of the food we serve as a buffet and a la carte.


The cuisine that has been designed for the Blu Garden is all about the Essence of the ingredients, which it interprets with simplicity: the distinguishing elements of each dish are the colour and respect for the ingredients that are treated with love and care. We also offer a wide range of vegetables (including flowers, sprouts and roots) enriched by pulses, yet never foregoing fish, and integrating everything with ancient unrefined wheat, spices, herbs, and special pasta and cereal.

We also pay special attention to the selection of raw ingredients, seeking and sharing the values of ethics and sustainability with all the people who help to make the food we serve, tasty and healthy. Having the right suppliers is fundamental.

We are committed to respecting the environment in our cuisine as well, by activating #Sprecozero (no waste) measures to contribute to a better future.


Foods that purify, give energy and vitality


Anti-ageing foods, antioxidants and memory aids


Foods that help your heart, regulate metabolism and circulation


Foods that help your tan and protect your eyes and skin


Antioxidant foods that strengthen your immune system