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Blu Suite Hotel

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The Blu Suite Hotel is not a simple "pet friendly hotel" in Rimini. Dogs and cats here are welcomed, pampered and spoiled at least as much as their owners.

We know how much you love your animals and that you cannot live just a single day without them, so, since Blu Suite Hotel opened, we have been committed to providing you with all the amenities you and your cat or dog need to enjoy a great holiday. Ok… remembering to be respectful of all the other guests who do not owe an animal.

In order to guarantee the highest standards of service and hygiene, at the moment we accept only small animals: cats and dogs of up to 10 kg. They will have free access to most areas, plenty of space to run and rooms where they will feel treated like kings.

If you need some extra advice or idea to train and play with them, you can ask our Maître Giuliano, who is not only a brilliant maître, but also a professional dog instructor!

Here are our pet-friendly services for your puppies:

  • Special welcome: bowl, food, biscuits and water just for them
  • Pet Friendly Rooms: very few hotels in Rimini have such large suites as ours. Perfect rooms to welcome dogs and cats and maintain maximum hygiene: ceramic floors and large balconies where you can leave the puppy whenever you want sheltered from the sun and the rain, even in summer. So you can go to the beach, to the spa or have a nap without worrying about leaving them alone
  • Private pet-friendly beach: a beach with special areas for dogs, equipped with sun umbrellas, sun loungers and a water fountain. Not to mention the long promenade in front of the hotel where you and your dog can have long walks and runs
  • Pet-friendly restaurant and swimming pool with a dedicated area as long as they are always supervised by their owners
  • Park: 200 meters from the hotel there is a large park of over 2000 square meters with pond and play area where your friends can run and play without restriction
  • Dog-friendly bike: a convenient basket to bring your puppy with you

This is the special welcome that our Rimini hotel reserves for dogs and cats, but we are always looking for new ways to make them happy. Do you have any idea? >> Share it with us!