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You probably book a stay on the Adriatic Coast attracted by wide beaches, the memory of the Dolce Vita by Fellini, the delicious cooking…and you will find all these things at our 4-star hotel (and even more than these).

However, if you think at our generous land just as a seaside location, you are definitely wrong. Emilia Romagna, in fact, features a chest of treasures made of art, culture, landscapes and history. To avoid boring lines and save, purchase the Romagna Visit Card and discover more than 130 touristic sites: all information on the official website.




Rimini is the main center of the Adriatic Coast: a necessary step of your stay, especially because of the short distance from Blu Suite Hotel. Our hotel is just 15 km far from the lively city: you can reach it by public transport, taxi or your car. You can easily visit Rimini in a day, going for a relaxing walk in the historic city center. The main attraction is Tempio Malatestiano – called simply the Cathedral by the citizens: an ancient church turned into a cathedral by Sigismondo Malatesta in XV century. Going inside, you will be amazed by the great contrast between the linear façade and the lavishness of the interior.

Then reach the Domus del chirurgo (House of the surgeon) to visit the remains of a Roman house and discover the collection of work tools belonged to the last occupier (a surgeon indeed). If you are a cinema lover, you cannot miss the Cinema Fulgor, recently refurbished: it was the favorite shelter of the great film’s director Federico Fellini.


Santarcangelo di Romagna


Sculpted in the heart of Romagna, you will find a charming medieval village, characterized by history and magic atmospheres. You are in Santarcangelo: visit the tuffaceous caves on the eastern side of the hill. These medieval caves, used as wine cellars for Sangiovese, kept a key role as shelters during the Second World War.  

Other attractions not to miss are the Rocca Malatestiana – a private property open to public – the central square Piazza Ganganelli and the Chiesa Collegiata, a XVIII century church.


Verrucchio e San Leo


Verrucchio is located in a strategic position between the sea and the hills, in the Marecchia valley, 18 km far from Rimini. Discover the Rocca del Sasso, then stop and admire the fascinating remains of the iron age in the local Etruscan Museum, open every day from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

San Leo, once called Montefeltro, is on the top of a huge rock, giving wonderful scenarios. Climb on Rocca di Cagliostro, full of mystery, and do not forget to go for a walk around the main square, real focus of the city life.


If you are interested in the Rimini dreamed by Fellini, discover our special offer: https://www.blusuitehotel.it/en/fellini-s-rimini.html

If you would like to visit our land Romagna, take advantage of https://www.blusuitehotel.it/en/romagna-the-cradle-of-the-italian-renaissance.html