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Blu Suite Hotel

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Happy kids means happy parents

A Family Hotel with a Difference

The Blu Suite Hotel in Bellaria, which is just a few kilometres from Rimini, is not just your usual family hotel. Here, we take care of your children, but we look after you first. Because each one of you has the right to enjoy a holiday: the children have fun while the parents relax on the beach as well, thanks to a private Family Beach, which is for the exclusive use of guests, and which is equipped with beach umbrellas and king size sunbeds and a nursery area that is truly tailored to the needs of your family. Enjoy a drink or a tasty snack at the Beach Bar, and tone up in the wellness area with a gym. In addition, there are 10 hours of entertainment a day for all children aged 0 to 99, from June to mid-September, at Easter, and during bank holiday weekends.

And let us not forget that the Blu Suite Hotel Private Beach is Pet Friendly and loves animals.

“Dear Mum, it often happens when we go on vacation that we mums keep working, taking care of children and husbands, never really feeling “properly” on vacation. The ideal would be to find a place where we didn’t have to take care of anything, where someone else will! That’s why I created a hotel thinking first and foremost of the mothers ” 
Katia Foschi – General Manager Blu Suite

Nursery Service age 0 to 3

Nursery Service in the Lulù room with other children: only with prior booking, there is entertainment for children aged 0 to 3 with selected qualified staff.

“Hi, my name’s Katia, and I’m the manager of the Blu Suite Hotel. As I am a mother, I thought of looking after you dear mums and dads, as well as your young children. That is why we provide trustworthy, qualified baby-sitters during your stay to look after your children in the colourful Lulù nursery. This way, you too, will be able to replenish your energy and enjoy a few hours of well-deserved rest in the Spa or on the beach in total safety. You can relax, knowing that your child is in excellent hands. You can book some more hours of relaxation for 12.00 Euros an hour…”

Many services for your children are included:

  • NOVELTY 2020 – The first Family Beach in Romagna. The safe private beach opposite the hotel is exclusive and fun. There are many games for children, and for parents there is a lot of room and a cosy environment with beach umbrellas and king size sunbeds which are well spaced. In addition, the essential services we provide, enable you to enjoy the beach all day with no interruptions: baby changing tables, warm showers, a fridge, a baby food making area, and a baby bathtub (which is essential after a nappy change).
  • 10 hours of healthy entertainment that is cleverly thought out and done in the open air every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Forget tablets! For your children choose a team of qualified entertainers to involve them in games that challenge their creativity, socialization and craft skills.
  • RistoBimbo, is a special restaurant for young children with a variety of healthy, balanced menus. Your children will eat with the entertainers, while mum and dad have dinner at the Blu Garden*.
  • For you children up to 2 years of age, we provide vegetable broth and puree made by our chefs*.
  • In the afternoon, we serve a snack that comprises fruit juice and yogurt, which is often enjoyed with our mascots Milù and Lulù.
  • One of the facilities that is best loved by our children? It is certainly the outdoor pool that is heated to 28 degrees; it is open from Easter to the end of September. It has an ultra-safe area for children (which is 40 cm deep).
  • A Baby Kit that is always ready with cots, baby changing tables, bottle warmers, adaptors, push-chairs and bed rails.
  • The freedom of a holiday by the sea also includes a bike trip with your children. We have bicycles for you to use freely. Adult bikes have child seats and children’s bikes come with helmets.
  • We are different from other hotels because we also have 4 play areas (on the beach, by the pool, a bouncy castle area, and Lulù’s indoor room). And there are many outdoor games as well: swings, slides, toy cars and playhouses. What could be better than watching children have fun in the open air?
  • We believe in sport, which is why we also provide an area with beach volleyball courts, beach tennis and five-a-side football: this is another reason why we say that our hotel is different.
  • And lastly, there is a free chemist’s service; with your receipt we will go and get all the medicines that you require.

*Meals in the RistoBimbo are free if the parents have booked their meal.

What is more, we also provide services upon payment:

  • NOVELTY 2020 – Nursery Service in the Lulù room with other children: only with prior booking, there is entertainment for children aged 0 to 3 with selected qualified staff.
  • A private baby-sitter for your children? Let us know 24 hours before, and we will get in touch with the best, most trustworthy and qualified baby-sitter! Value 15.00 Euro an hour until 8.00 pm – 21.00 Euro an hour after 8.00 pm.
  • We select qualified paediatricians and trustworthy nurses to come to the hotel if you require one.
  • Would you like to try an e-bike? We rent e-bikes so you can enjoy the area in freedom, without too much effort.
  • Nappies, baby food and hygiene products for your child: the Blu Suite Hotel can turn into a Baby Shop and upon request we can buy everything you need for you.
  • Turn your seaside holiday into a chance to grow and learn with sailing and swimming lessons for your children.
  • And lastly, special massages and treatments at the Blu Spa for children and parents, too. Book beforehand, and you will get a special 10% discount on the price list.