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Today on the blog we host the testimony of Carlotta, one of our "historical" guests! Every year she stays  at  the Blu Suite for week of vacation with his two children. Hello! I introduce myself, my name is Carlotta, I am 39 years old and I am a mother of Caterina and Vittorio, 5 years and 1 year. I live in Milan, around pollution and just a few outdoor spaces. I've been married for ten years, but me  I define myself a "single part-time", my husband travels a lot for work and I am often alone. 

I do not lose heart: whenever I can, I always try to squeeze a  few free days for a holiday "mother and children".

One of my favorite destinations is the Blu Suite in Rimini. I've been going there since Caterina was only 5 months old, it's one of the few places where even if I'm alone with them I can really rest! Do you believe that? alone with two small children there, I can also manage to read a book by the pool? Extraordinary, right?

That is the reason why I always recommend it to my friends. Today, for example, I met Lucia, mother of Leo since October. Among the usual conversation she  tells me: "Usually in these times I was starting to organize the summer holidays ... tour on the road, a few relaxing days in one all-inclusive resort ... but now that there is Leo, I do not know where to start ... Where do you go on vacation with a small child? How many things behind will I have to bring? Are there already equipped places? Is it better to go to the hotel or an apartment? " It is understandable! There are many doubts that worry the new mothers and new-fathers planning  the first family vacation! So I explained to her what a Family Hotel is, as I didn’t know myself before becoming a mother, I literally ignored the existence of "Family Hotels" ...

Let's start from the basics: the family hotels are equipped structures and prepared to accommodate families with children.

Starting from the equipment: there are changing tables, cots, high chairs, bottle warmers, trays, etc... There will be no need to bring everything from home! Of course, it is not enough to have a high chair and a camping cot to be able to call it  "a family hotel " what really makes the difference are the services. It means, for example, that at the restaurant of the hotel there will be no need to bring "the baby food", because they will already have their tasty baby food, vegetable broth and what it takes to prepare a meal for a weaning child.

It means that they will know where to find a pediatrician in the middle of the night. And it means that they will have a service entertainment and entertainment for older children, so that parents can really "rest". And maybe even a spa "reserved for adults" where to recover energy.

"Fantastic!" - Lucia replies to me - "But I'll probably have to go alone with him, since  the father has only a few days off ... Is it doable in your opinion?"

At this point,  I  suggested my "Heart place": The Blu Suite Hotel in Rimini. Because not all the family hotels are the same and you have to choose the structure that most resembles our idea of family and our way of educating and raising children. For example, I am very attentive to nutrition, I have always favored a “Natural” approach.  I avoided homogenized products as much as possible and tried to make them taste one great variety of flavors right away. And on this aspect at the Blu Suite they were fantastic:

Practically I started Vittorio's weaning there. In the staff there is a nutritionist who together with the cook, he builds balanced and natural menus for the little ones, from weaning onwards.

Starting from the basic menu then we then consult with the mother to meet the specific baby’s needs: if you have any allergy problems, if the family follows a vegetarian menu, if the child has special tastes ... in short, all possible cases. They also taught me so many recipes that I then successfully remade at home!

And according to my opinion what really  makes the difference is: The warm welcome of the Manager Katia and his collaborators like Valentina and Emma: they are almost all mothers and this makes a huge difference! You definitely  see it in many small gestures.

For example: when you sit at the restaurant and they promptly remove all of them dangerous objects within reach of the child, or when  they already know they have to cook you small pasta, bone the fish, bring the parmesan cheese and the oil to the table. All spontaneous gestures that can only come from other parents, without even needing to ask! Among mothers we understand each other at first glance ...

And then the parents can count on the constant support of Katia, "Manager and psychologist", as she loves to be called. If you go there you will notice: in a few days it will become a friendly mother, especially if you are alone. She always likes to say that in her hotel "psychological assistance is included in the price"

Once it happened to me that the staff extremely early in morning took care of my sudden fever, managing to pick up some medicine from the nearest pharmacy.

"Ok, everything is awesome,  but I do not believe you can really read a book! I started one, and I'm on page 13 for 4 months!"

Look, it seems impossible with two small children, but Caterine there spends her days with the animation, and you know that she generally hates the animators because she says they put the music too high and make noise. Instead at the Blu Village the animators involve her with creative and smart activities, from 10 am to 10 pm. They also take care of the lunches and bring them in theprivate beach of the hotel. She occasionally runs to me for a kiss, two cuddles or show me what he did with the animators and then come back to them.

Meanwhile, I'm on the beach with Vittorio and during his long naps under the umbrella I enjoy my novel. The great thing is that even the beach is fully equipped with play area and changing area and baby food, so there is no need to always return to the hotel. 

And considered  that the hotel is not in Rimini center, there is not that chaos or mess typical of Rimini beaches in summertime. The umbrellas are far away, the access reserved for the only hotel guests, there is a very little noise and you can read in total relax. Otherwise, I am  at the pool, so I can even bath Vittorio in the 60 cm high pool ... And then when my husband comes back during the weekend in the evening we do our “lovebirds time”, with Caterina having dinner with the animators and Vittorio who falls asleep exhausted after a day at the beach ...

"Go, book, then we'll see you by the pool for a drink! With so many bubbles, that also the mom is on vacation! ".