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Blu Suite Hotel

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At Blu we really trust in the value of playing for our little guests – and adults too – as a way to keep in contact with the purest part of everyone, that is childhood. And to us, game is a synonymous for open air and sports (if the weather is fine), so our entertainers are a source of activities, football matches, jokes, challenges, games on the beach. But this year, besides the traditional games, we organize for you an amazing surprise, with a soft mane and the loveliest face you can imagine...

Il Prato Incantato 

Every week of our crazy summer at Blu, from June 14 on, we will host our friends of Il Prato Incantato, an association teaching respect and love for ponies and other small animals as ducks, rabbits and goats. We will spend an exciting afternoon with you to learn about ponies in all their aspects.

The professionals of Il Prato Incantato will lead your sons through an educational path to discover these amazing animals, often little-known but characterized by particular tenderness. The first moments are necessary for meeting and letting them understand they can trust us: children will learn to clean and take care of them. Step by step, you will learn how take them for a walk and give them – and yourself – a good time. Finally, the most awaited moment, that your children will keep in their hearts: the first pony ride. Little guests will be on the saddle and ride the pony, with the constant support of the expert staff of the association.

To remember this amazing afternoon and recall it every time you want at home, participants will receive a saddle certificate, as a token of the emotional connection with the animals. Are you not looking forward to seeing your sons riding a noble small horse?

If you are worried about the baby brother, relax: our activities are designed for children of all ages (from 2 years old on), supported by their parents in their first ride on the pony. An unusual and amusing way to share an afternoon with all the family, between games and nature, do not you agree?

Exciting afternoons at Blu

So, do not forget, take notes: our friend Deana of Il Prato Incantato waits for you at Blu Suite Hotel once a week from June 14 on, from 4 pm to 6 pm, to play and learn about ponies. Check the weather outside your windows: if weather conditions are poor, the activity is cancelled – we do not want our puppies to get wet, both animals and kids!

In addition to ponies, the participants will have the chance to meet the other nice inhabitants of the Prato Incantato farmhouse…an unmissable experience for your children! If you are interested in it, do not wait any longer: places are limited and you need to book at our entertainer Giorgio.

Have fun!