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Blu Suite Hotel

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In early November Rimini hosts one of the most attended expos by professionals of many fields. This year Ecomondo is at the 22nd edition, a great age showing the increasing interest and the awareness of acting daily to protect our Planet.

Companies in construction, furniture, cosmetics and food trade meet to discuss about green economy trends, as main direction to the future.


Green heart hospitality


Among these, there are many experts in hospitality, often in the front line to offer experiences of sustainable tourism to their guests. In addition to a personal need, this trend answers to the actual requests of travelers, which are willing to choose eco-friendly accommodation when booking a stay, according to important surveys.

In fact, why should we not safeguard the most precious heritage the Earth gave us? Through some little cares, all the hotels – if they want to – can turn into green hotels. When the guests are on holiday too, our great heart beats at full speed!


Our actions for the Earth


If you book your stay at Blu Suite Hotel, you can be sure of a green hotel ready to welcome you with open arms. Not even going in, you immediately realize we are different from other ones: you can refill your electric car thanks to the charging point in our parking. But our environmental protection can be seen in every corner of our hotel, accompanying every moment of your stay on the Adriatic Coast. In our penthouses and suites, you won’t find the traditional hotel amenities: we eliminated all polluting plastic bottles and substituted them with practical soap and shower gel dispensers. In the bathrooms you will use only biodegradable toilet paper – as napkins and place mats at Blu Restaurant – and products for personal hygiene are eco-friendly. We change linen and towels on request because when staying just some days and do not need to change them, you do a little big gesture for the Planet, reducing the waste of water, detergents and electricity.


Bio as life


We strongly believe in bio: organic and biodegradable are our mantras. Because “bio” means life and any gesture giving new life to our Earth makes us better people. In our breakfast buffet you find many delicacies from organic brands: from homemade jams to vegetal drinks, fruit juices, flours in our cakes and the packaged products for vegan or gluten-free guests.  

In Blu Spa we use products made by trustful brands in natural cosmetics, with bio-dynamique certification and in full respect of work ethics: Lakshmi, Biothai, Ahura are our choices. Moreover, in our spa, we painted all areas with water-based paints, beautiful and non-toxic, to guarantee a really sustainable wellness experience.

Follow the green wave of tourism: stay at Blu.