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A Big News  branded Guardiamondo. Let's talk about it with Samuela Bolognesi to find out what the children will experience at Blu in the  extraordinary coming up  summer.

Starting this year the Blu Suite will enter the Hotel dei Guardiamondo circuit, a set of structures led by hoteliers with a common interest in environmental awareness. It is a project that unites hotels without homologating them too much, as each of them will offer different perspectives and activities related to the same theme. We had a chat with Samuela to understand what will happen at the Blu Suite Hotel.

Hi Samuela, would you like to explain to us what your role is in Guardiamondo?

My name is Samuela and I am the sales manager of Riscopri La Natura, a project that I embraced enthusiastically. I believe that the things you learn with a smile are those that will remain the most time within us, and that will form us as adults. In this case, I think it is very important to learn immediately to be in synch with the  Nature, always respecting it.

Tell us how this playful project was born, aimed at the conscious involvement of children in environmental awareness. What values ​​do you want to emphasize?

The project was born five years ago from an idea - which I personally find genial - of Fontanili Daniele. Watching his children play, together with his wife and collaborator Giulia, he wanted to invent a different, conscious and constructive way of having fun, without neglecting the playful aspect. From that moment he studied and produced a series of products capable of developing the imagination of children, then choosing to support them with an animation that we prefer to call fun education.

The project has a certain social relevance: our educators are all high school students from the area, trained by us. Once ready we send them on stage to the hotels participating in the Guardiamondo circuit, and the goal is to bring them closer to nature - and also make sure that they take a break from digital technology, which has now invaded every second of our days. But we also count on incorporating them into the world of work, which we often approach for the first time through us. So to make them  start a new chapter in their lives.

How will the various activities be structured? And how will children be educated in the environment? Tell us how a typical day will unfold.

First, our educators introduce themselves to families: they explain our project and what they will create and teach their children. The path taken by the children hosted together with our educators often creates magical relationships, trust and true affection, lasting over time, and is established by daily programs that allow children to know from the start what they will do throughout the day. There will be many creative workshops and many games of the past, activities that many have forgotten or never even known.

The children will then go to sow their small garden (which they will take home at the end of their vacation), they will create sheets of paper on which to draw or write, recycling sheets of newspaper that would otherwise have to be thrown away, then they will cook the Piadina feeling like master bakers. Another day they will instead use glass or plastic bottles to create new objects, giving new life to what would otherwise only become waste. This is the essence of recycling. In other cases they will still venture into laboratories, learning some basics of chemistry, and I am sure that many will be amazed when they see the volcano they built erupt. We always arrive at the end of these days with a dance or a fairy tale, and above all a good herbal tea that will accompany them in the world of dreams.

And the explorotti’s  project, to socialize together ... Can you tell us how it works?

Explorotti is a name that Daniele and Giulia have invented to identify all the children (and others) who engage in our activities, and who consciously and unitedly choose to commit themselves to safeguarding our planet and the nature that surrounds us. Over the years we have found that children come together precisely because they have a new shared purpose, supported not only by children, but also by mum and dad. And then you know, doing something right, all together, is more fun.

In your opinion, how could this project be expanded to make the new generations aware of the Green? Is it essential to start from the smallest in education to love the environment?

It is absolutely essential to start talking with children, it is essential to change the world starting from ourselves. We must believe in it and share the importance of what we are doing with our little ones. We are all on this Earth and we will have to stay there for a long time. Our children then have to learn that respect and love for nature are no longer optional. Together we must respect all that surrounds us: we are guests and all the love we give to the nature that surrounds us will come back amplified. I am therefore convinced that by teaching our children environmental education through fun activities, we will have more aware, responsible and attentive  men and women.

Why did you choose the Blu Suite Hotel to carry out this project? Have you noticed a particular synergy in them?

In the Blu Suite Hotel I noticed a rare commitment to important issues: respect and love for the environment around us, attention to the well-being and enjoyment of the whole family, and the desire to create a fertile environment to stay well together in the right way. In a context like this, elegant but at the same time welcoming and familiar, I believe we can offer children and their families a moment of reflection and education through fun. I can't imagine anything better. And this is exactly the philosophy of the hotels that are part of the Guardiamondo circuit.

Thanks Samuela!