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Recent studies have proved that about 80 women out of 100 take the first picture to share on social networks, of their newborn baby, in the first 15 minutes right after birth. We don't even notice anymore how deeply immersed we are in the reality-non reality of social networks.

Being born in this context can bring both risks and benefits. Quiet often we, as adults, are the first to be unaware of our use of technology. In this way risks are more easily in first line. But with the careful creation of a setting of good habits, starting from the family, all the benefits won't appear late.

Let's start with the most common device: TV. Between the two extreme positions of fretv24/7 and damnedtvwillneverenterthishouse we find infinite intermediate positions. Doctors and educators guidelines regarding good health boundaries in the use of TV are already easily available, and they're clear and complete. I would like to concentrate on the importance of a clear communication and a common family line regarding the use of TV. In order to make things easier and to efficiently face the possible discussions which may arise (such as, I want to choose what to watch, five more minutes, now it's time to turn it off…), teamwork and being clear are fundamental. And most important, even the child can be involved in this decision making. If we choose together, when it's the right time to watch TV or what to watch, it's much easier to respect boundaries. As a general rule, we might say that if the child is too young to participate to this teamwork, we might assume that it's too soon for him to watch TV too. Otherwise, why should we not involve him in decisions regarding an activity where he's in first line too?

Moreover, let's not forget that the entire family can spend some time together watching TV as in many other family activities, such as outdoor activities, yes, in winter too. Let's not fall in the trap to use TV as a short cut!

Let's now talk about the loved and hated smartphones and tablets. An aware use of these devices is possible! But adults have to be the first trigger of the changement. Neuroscience have proved that a newborn can recognise a human face since birth, even if she's never seen one, and she finds it interesting! But this interested look is long and intense if the two human beings directly look each other! So, we adults have to be the first to lift our eyes from the phone screen if we don't want our children to grow up eyesonthescreen24/7 and if we want to encourage mutual listening.

Good example is the first rule to encourage good habits in our children.

Here is another very common scene: it's lunch time and the child eats only if he's distracted by watching cartoons on the tablet. The result of this habit is that the child loses the importance of family communication and above all he's not aware of what he eats.

Watching or not TV during mealtime is a family choice, but using cartoon as an everyday short cut, because it's the only way to make the child eat, that's a big risk.

I think it's worth to educate our children to an aware use of smartphones and tablets. We can define clear boundaries, which can make new skills arise, such as small and precise movements, or respecting other people private space.

Our smartphone is often in our pocket or purse, so we can ask our children to ask us if they can or not take it; and our answer, according to different circumstances might be yes as no. Therefore, when our answer is going to be yes, the time spent by our children using our smartphone is going to be valuable and riskless, since we'll be there as loving supervisor. Plus, our children will develop a specific skills such as precision movements on small icons. We normally don't think about it, but this kind of movement require a very precise eye-hand coordination.

And don't forget to observe our child reactions when using these devices: if they're not source of fun and amusement, but they encourage frustration, anxiety or sleep disturbs, better to take a step back, and start again from what our child is communicating.

Let's notice that even to us, even if we're grown up, the prolonged use of computer and smartphone can be source of stress and sleep disturbs. Let's take the chance then, every time we can, to detox for a while from technological devices and social networks. At the beginning it can be hard, we'll have the impression of losing our grip on our world (which is a paradox, since we're talking about a virtual world). This happens because we're technology addicted. In fact after the first critical moment we start feeling much better, realizing the beauty of a face to face chat, the freshness and reality of games and activities with our children. Holidays can be the perfect time for this kind of detox and to have a pleasant time in a healthy, simple, real way. And if you want to enjoy this pure wellness with your family, don't forget that Katia and the Blu Suite Hotel are welcoming you!