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Blu Suite Hotel

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Double news at the Blu Suite Hotel in this season 2019. A new name for the restaurant, an exceptional chef. The name is Blu Garden - L'Orto (Garden) in hotel and chef Paola di Giambattista.

The kitchen of the new concept restaurant is a healthy, lively and colorful kitchen that respects traditions and welcomes inspirations of various kinds. The territory and the km zero are the stage of the Blu Garden, where vegetable garden and garden turned out to be  essential elements of the culinary offer, both buffet and a la carte.

The kitchen designed for the Blu Garden looks at the essence of the raw material, interpreting it with simplicity: the characterizing elements of each dish are the colour and respect for the ingredient, which is treated with care and love. Then we offer a wide vegetable proposal (including flowers, buds and roots) enriched by legumes but without forgetting the daily catch, supplementing with ancient and unrefined grains, spices, aromatic herbs, pasta and special cereals. Great attention is also paid to the selection of raw materials, researching and sharing the values ​​of ethics and sustainability with all those who participate in making our proposals healthy and tasty. Scouting to the right suppliers is essential.

Our commitment is to respect the environment also in the kitchen, activating the #Sprecozero (#Zerowaste)  measures to contribute to a better future.

Paola and Katia: from a friendship the seed of a projec

"There are things that happen in your life, they come and kidnap you, just like this new project. There are people you esteem, who over the years show their support and share their ideas. Then there are the dreams, which you sometimes kept in the drawer for too long, and when you decide to free them. Well, the time has come”

When I read these words, written by Paola on her Facebook page, my desire to start this journey has translated into a smile that has not yet left me. Paola for me - even before being a professional - is a friend, a person whom I respect enormously, with clear goals in mind and a great ability to get involved to achieve them. That's why I'm very happy to announce his great contribution: his entry into the Blu Garden Restaurant. You will see that after trying - even just for the first time - your kitchen you will be as happy as I am. Mark my word.

Who is Paola di Giambattista?

Paola di Giambattista is a Food Educator, a true professional in the field of nutrition, who for years has been offering advice to companies and individuals related to food, food marketing, vegetarian / vegan cooking and food rehabilitation, naturopathy and nutriceutics to wellness according to a holistic approach, in which nutrition has a fundamental value.