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Family Hotel Rimini - Rimini Hotel - Hotel Bellaria Igea Marina

Blu Suite Hotel

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Nature is an inexhaustible source of wisdom and precious remedies for body and spirit. At Blu we draw fully from it, in order to take care of you all day long during your holiday on the Adriatic Coast.

The food we serve at Blu Restaurant comes from products grown in a conscious way, only in the right season, the jams of our breakfast are organic, the cakes and cookies prepared with not refined flours. Our laundry detergents for cleaning and the soap in your bathroom are eco label products. In Blu Spa we choose trusty brands for natural cosmetics, from organic and biodynamic agriculture.


Essential oils


Essential oils have been used as therapy since the dawn of time, in many fields: cosmetics, cooking, medicine.

But let us start from the beginning: what is an essential oil? The essential oil is the heart of the plant, the purest, most authentic and concentrated part of it: only a drop has very strong effects. For this reason, at Blu Spa we believe in aromatherapy, choosing only pure oils, with the greatest efficacy and which do not contain any additives or preservatives. To protect the holistic health of our guests, it is fundamental to select hand-crafted extraction: steam distillation and, for citrus trees, cold pressing.


Full well-being


How do essential oils act? In endless ways: good for our health in prevention and therapy, they favor relaxation, soothe stomach pain, stimulate muscle functions, improve the beauty of skin through antioxidants. Many are also antibacterial and strengthen the immune system. In addition to this, our precious natural allies increase positive emotions, decrease stress and facilitate a great emotional health.

The connection between essential oils and our mood maybe sounds odd, however their healthy effect is also at the psych-emotional level: the scent, through the nose, reaches the area of the brain where our emotions are located. So, the inhalation of essential oils represents a valid method to influence feelings, stimulate memory and act on hormones. 

Beside the topical application, you can enjoy all the benefits of the essential oils through diffusion in air, purifying also the environment all around. Or you can pamper yourself with scented massages at Blu Spa: in a relaxing atmosphere, our ayurvedic operators will massage you with the essential oils that best fit your needs. Choose the treatment you prefer – invigorating, relaxing, drainage or purifying – and close your eyes: rely on the aromatherapy by Blu.

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