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At Blu we like to surprise you with always new and original facilities. It is true but, most of all, we love to let you (re)discover the wonders of our home. The region of Emilia Romagna has always been a generous land; it spares nothing in culture, art, entertainment and services. But what about food? It is exactly here that you find a rich heritage to draw upon.

At Blu we draw upon it every day, with menus offering authentic dishes from our culinary tradition: lasagne with ragout and béchamel, home-made pasta, yummy vegetables au gratin and scalloped or barbecued bluefish. Our cuisine is based on an elementary concept in which we believe: eating well is the secret to live well. Because how we eat tells a lot about who we are. Then, rediscovering the excellent recipes of our grandmothers makes them feel closer, with the hope of retaining some of their genuineness that nowadays it is easy to loose. Right, their hands had something magical and inimitable, but we, too, are very good at cooking the piadinatry it at Blu Restaurant!

The traditional recipes are the Scriptures of our chef, who put all his heart and a handful of memories in every dish. Yes, because from his childhood it was born the vacation to be a cook. At first, for fun – as always with the greatest passions – getting stronger and stronger until becoming a natural need. In Emilia Romagna that is normal: we grew up in the wide kitchens of casolari (something like farmhouses), in front of the fire or sitting around the big wooden table. Our mother or grandmother took care of duties and tasks for the family and in the home, often including the courtyard animals’ care and the production of chesses and sausages. Mmm, I think I can still smell the fresh-baked parmigiano, freshly harvested eggs, the warm milk, so different from the drink you find on the shelves of food stores. To say nothing of the home-made pasta: tagliatelle, strozzapreti, gnocchi and passatelli, a feast of flavours that, just thinking about it, builds up my appetite…. To give you the same joyful experience, we put those dishes in our daily menu at the Blu Restaurant. Do not say we are not generous people!

The most awaited moment of the week, at that time, was the Sunday lunch – it is quite the same nowadays too, in Emilia Romagna at least. Aided by the free time and the desire to take care of their family, mothers and grandmothers spent many hours cooking and they did it vigorously. The preparation often started on Thursday or Friday, cutting and marinating the rabbit, but the real work began on Sunday. While the family was attending Mass in the late morning, the women cooked the meat in terracotta pans, prepared the ragout or a vegetable sauce for pasta – home-made pasta of course – accompanied the whole meal with seasonal sides. The piadina, made with lard then and today, was always on the table and, on special occasions, we had yummy cakes. I still wonder at thinking about those so delicious desserts, coming out from simple ingredients: donuts, cookies, almond and walnut cakes, or the fritto bianco, a real delight made of milk and semolina, fried and dusted with some sugar.

In the years where our roots, both culinary and sentimental, were born, we did not used to eat meat, twice a week fish, but vegetables were always on the table. We often had only a main course, simple but tasty: cardoons with sausage, stewed cod with potatoes, in winter cotechino with kale or barbecue pork ribs. Queen of the meal, needless to say, the piadina; it is the main character also today on our Blu menu, accompanied with salumi and squacquerone or in many other ways.

Come to enjoy it still warm… Where? At Blu Restaurant!