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(photo credit Marica Ferillo) 

"Ah Katia, how tired I am, I finally need a little vacation to regenerate myself and stop thinking about anything ..."

This is the phrase I hear the  most from my guests as soon as they set foot in the Blu Suite Hotel. I see them get out of the car, loaded with luggage, the children by the hand and the stress built up in months of work in and out of the house on their faces.

"Come on now it's finally time to relax a bit," I tell them as I welcome them and show them the latest hotel news.

When then in the evening I meet  them after dinner I already see them different: the expression is relaxed, the smile sincere. "Finally I didn't have to think about what to prepare for dinner. Or just choose and book the restaurant. Worrying about children eating healthy and not eating junk food , loading washing machines and dishwashers, organizing tomorrow's day. Finally I don't have to think about how to fit everything together ".

Because the tiredness of today's mothers is this. It is not the physical effort of doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and tidying up. No, it is the mental fatigue of having to keep everything in mind and try to make ends meet. School, extra-curricular activities, appointments with the pediatrician, housekeeping. And then, of course, work, taking care of themselves and the couple's relationship. Why aren't we just moms?

A burden of responsibility that always weighs  on the shoulders of women. I see it every day at the hotel: who makes sure to bring sunscreen, armrests, spare swimming  costume, water diaper, towel, toys, water and snack to the sea? Obviously mom. And who is it that at the end of the day collects everything and once back to the room  rinses everything so that everything  is ready for the next day? Always the mother!

(photo credit Mamma al Top) 

This is why I always tell all the  husbands that now "we have to take care of mothers", Luisiana thinks about children with her animation staff ..

And I see it even before arriving at the hotel: most reservations come directly from the mothers, they are the ones who choose the hotel, compare the offers, read the reviews, organize the trip and try to offer the best to their family.

I see it every day in my life as a mother (even if I have grown children). This is why in my work at the hotel I have decided to make life as easy as possible for mothers, freeing them from the mental burden they carry with them every day. For example by finding all the necessary equipment for children on the spot. Starting with a silly thing  like the buckets on the beach or the arms of all sizes in the pool.

Because, less are the worries, far better will be the state of mind. Because in my small way I like to think that at the Blu Suite you can have "a vacation" in the truest sense of the term, that of a "vacant" time, a time free from work, from tasks, from worries.

A free time to fill with the smiles of our children, with the moments alone, with our partner, so rare and precious, with time to enjoy a massage, to read a book or even to lie down, to watch the sun go by  in the sky, listen to the sound of the sea. An empty time to find the energies and the joy of being together.

So I can give people a bit of happiness. And there is nothing that makes me more proud of my job: offering happy moments in this hasty and somewhat cynical world and helping to spread love.